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Wall Washers

Designed with durability and aesthetics in mind our IP67 stainless steel and tempered glass housings offer the safest enclosure design. Artworth LED wall washers provide stunning visual effects and allow you to paint your building in lights of all colours and shades. Used in a massive range of environments and applications Artworth lights are relied upon to offer quality, performance and stability.



1.       With 5mm’s toughened glass, high impact resistant rate, do glare processing on the glass surface, and enhance the lamps simple sense, it looks like high-grade.

2.       Adopting high efficiency and quality led constant current drive, RGB using external DMX control (it can adjusting different color and discoloration time).

3.       With a special optical lens, euphonic rate is 97%, no flare, even light, mean while increasing the full utilization of the light.

4.       Adopting special “breathing system” completely solve many problem of market’s lamp appeared soda, at the same time, also solved the problem that because of the lamp’s internal and external pressure difference cause damage.




1.       出光面5MM钢化玻璃,抗冲击透光率高,玻璃面做防眩光处理,同时增强了灯具质感,倍显高档

2.       灯具单色采用高效率高品质的LED专业恒流驱动,RGB采用外置DMX控制(可通过控台调节不同颜色和变色时间),色彩丰富

3.       采用特殊的洗墙灯专用光学透镜,透光率97%,无光斑,光色均匀,同时提升了光的充分利用率

4.       采用特殊的“呼吸系统”完全解决了市面上众多灯具内出现水汽的问题,同时也解决了因灯具内外压力差造成灯具的破坏