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Underwater Lights

Designed to provide the maximum lighting design options whilst remaining fully submersible our LED underwater lights are encased in an IP69 stainless steel body and tempered glass lenses. Art worth LED underwater lights are used in fountains and water features in parks and gardens all over the world. Extremely reliable, exquisitely designed and providing the highest quality lighting options of any on the market.



1.       Our LED Underwater Lights are equipped with super bright LEDs and installed in Anti-corrosive stainless light housing, the LED lights are filled with high quality waterproof material and covered with a clear glass lens for underwater application, it gives great lighting effect for using in indoor and outdoor fountain, pond, lake, waterfalls or garden.

2.       Adopt imported chip, optimization of the LED encapsulation structure, low attenuation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages

3.       Good appearance, energy saving, environmental protection

4.       The lamp body is made of light alloy material, sealed and special surface coating, to ensure that the lighting in humid, high temperature and other harsh environment never corrosion, never rust.



1.       灯体采用防腐不锈钢材料,整灯配有高质量的防水功能,适用于室内外的喷泉,池塘,瀑布等

2.       采用进口芯片,优化的LED封装结构,达到低光衰,高光效,节能环保等优点

3.       外形美观大方,节能,环保

4.       灯体采用轻质合金材料,特殊的密封和表面涂层处理,确保灯具在潮湿,高温等恶劣环境中永不腐蚀,永不生锈