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Low/High Bay

Generally used in industrial applications our high and low bay LED lights are extensively researched and have passed through several generations to reach the current reliability and performance only seen with Artworth lights. With either fin type or extruded aluminium heat sinks and a range of reflectors to suit every application and taste these are some of the most versatile LED pendants out there.



1.       The good explosion-proof performance can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive place safe use.

2.       Adopt imported chip, optimization of the LED encapsulation structure, low attenuation, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages.

3.       Power to critical components using the world’s brand. To ensure the service life of lamp.

4.       The crystalline lens with optical, meet with different lighting needs.

5.       Adopting permeable structure design, optimal heat dissipation structure, can guarantee the service life of lamps.

6.       The lamp adopts angle locking device, can guarantee that the vibration environment long-term working angle is not changed.

7.       The lamp body is made of light alloy material, sealed and special surface coating, to ensure that the lighting in humid, high temperature and other harsh environment never corrosion, never rust.

8.       The seat type and derrick and other installation method.




1.       优良的防爆性能,可在各种易燃易爆场所安全使用

2.       采用进口芯片,优化的LED封装结构,达到低光衰,高光效,节能环保等优点

3.       电源关键元器件采用世界品牌,来保证灯具的使用寿命

4.       采用水晶透镜进行配光,满足不同场合照明需要

5.       采用通透式结构设计,优化散热结构,可保证灯具寿命

6.       灯具采用角度锁紧装置,可保证在震动环境下长期工作角度仍不发生变动

7.       灯体采用轻质合&