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LED Tubes

Artworth LED tubes are designed to replace standard lights as easily and effectively as possible, offering ease of installation, massive power savings and long working lifetimes. Our LED tubes have undergone hours of rigorous testing and development to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.



LED light source adopts imported item level chip, luminous efficiency of 90Lm/W above, color factor larger than 75 Ra.

Use of automatic packaging equipment, imports of packaging technology, service life can reach 50000 hours.

Using the most advanced of the two light distribution technology. The best optical distribution, lamp light output rate is more than 90%.

Voltage constant-current drive, power factor is in 0.95 above, the power efficiency of more than 90%.

Lamp shell is made of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, having a thermal conductivity fast effect, but also has over temperature protection device.










型号 / Model 9w - 23w
输入电压 / Input Voltage AC 100-240v
芯片/Chip Epistar 3014 or 2835 84 - 1322835 84 - 132pcs (as standard)
电源频率 / Power supply frequency 50Hz-60Hz
功率因数 / Power factor >0.95
电源效率 / Power efficiency >85%
色温 / Color Temperature 2700-6500K
寿命 / Lifespan 50000+ hours
LED 灯具初始光通量 / Initial luminous flux of LED 720~2070lm
可以做的瓦数 / Wattage available 9W/14W/18W/23W
材料/ Material Aluminium + PC
尺寸 / Length Ø26*600mm/900mm/1200mm/1500mm
声控范围/ Sound Activation Range: 40-90 decibels
感应范围/ Sensing range 5-7m
灯头/Socket  G13 standard (others available)
电源/Driver Driver: Non-isolated Built-in Driver/Built-in Isolated Driver
灯罩 / Lampshade PC Transparent/PC  Translucent
净重 / Net Weight 0.18kg - 0.35kg approx.