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LED Plug Lights

Artworth LED PL Lights are one of our most successful product ranges, allowing you to simply change in for traditional PL lights they are both convenient and provide excellent light levels and colour. Offering massive savings over traditional lights they are use in a massive range of applications.


1.       LED light source adopts imported item level chip, luminous efficiency of 90Lm/W above, color factor larger than 75 Ra.

2.       Use of automatic packaging equipment, imports of packaging technology, service life can reach 50000 hours.

3.       Using the most advanced of the two light distribution technology. The best optical distribution, lamp light output rate is more than 90%.

4.       Voltage constant-current drive, power factor is in 0.95 above, the power efficiency of more than 90%.

5.       Lamp shell is made of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, having a thermal conductivity fast effect, but also has over temperature protection device.

6.       Good appearance, energy saving, environmental protection.





1.       LED光源采用进口顶级芯片,发光效率在90Lm/W以上,显色指数Ra大于75

2.       采用全自动封装设备,进口封装技术,寿命可达50000小时以上

3.       采用最先进的二次配光技术,最佳光学分配,灯具输出光率可达90%以上

4.       稳压恒流驱动器,功率因数在0.95以上,电源效率在90%以上

5.       灯具外壳采用高导热系数的铝合金材质,具有导热散热快的效果,同时还具有过温保护装置

6.       外形美观大方,节能,环保



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